Teamsters Local 633 Right to Work Campaign

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This past January, O’Neill and Associates was approached by Teamsters Local 633, a New Hampshire-based labor union of employees in the transportation and delivery industry.  The Teamsters were concerned by the pending passage of “Right to Work” legislation in the New Hampshire State House. The proposed bill was expected to significantly weaken the strength of labor unions in NH. With only a few weeks until a final vote, O’Neill and Associates was able to launch a high-impact, month-long campaign to mobilize the Teamsters’ 4,700 members against Right to Work. O’Neill and Associates, in collaboration with the Teamsters, focused engagement efforts on three areas: traditional media, social/digital media, and member-to-member communication.

O’Neill and Associates helped generate news stories and editorials urging the House of Representatives to vote Right to Work down by targeting outreach to reporters, editors and freelance journalists on the hazards of the bill.

In addition to targeting traditional media outlets, O’Neill and Associates helped Teamsters Local 633 leverage their Facebook account to create and maintain online activism – motivating supporters and providing them with easy-to-understand action items. The Teamsters’ Facebook page was used to post low-dollar paid promotions as well as organic content, and served to amplify the key messages of the campaign and convert awareness into targeted action.

Finally, O’Neill and Associates was able to engage the union’s own members through an internal email campaign.  This campaign provided members with news updates, calls to action and contact information for key legislators.

The energy and enthusiasm throughout this one month campaign against Right to Work paid off.  On the day of the vote, a significant minority of New Hampshire House Republicans joined almost all House Democrats to block passage of the bill, in spite of a last-minute lobbying push by the Governor and Speaker of the House. The final outcome in New Hampshire was an outlier to the national trend of Republicans efforts to successfully implement Right to Work in many states, This campaign can now be a model for other labor unions around the country on how to defeat Right to Work in their communities.

Total Wine & More Shrewsbury Opening

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Attention all wine and beer lovers! On February 23rd, Total Wine & More opened its newest store in Massachusetts, located in the White City Shopping Center on Route 9 in Shrewsbury. The chain’s newest addition is its third store in Massachusetts.

Total Wine & More, the nation’s largest independently owned retailer of fine wine, spirit and beer, opened to the public on Thursday, February 23, but held a sneak peek preview event on Wednesday evening, bringing out more than 300 people to the new store. Customers and guests were encouraged to browse the aisles filled with more than 8,000 wines, 3,000 spirits, and 2,500 beers while enjoying beer and wine samplings.

The grand opening celebration include music, free wine and beer tastings, and catered hors d’oeuvres.  A champagne toast, courtesy of Moet Chandon, was offered as store management celebrated the ribbon cutting, officially opening the store for business.

To celebrate the Shrewsbury store’s grand opening, Total Wine & More partnered with the Worcester performing arts center, Mechanics Hall, which received 10 percent of all wine sales from the store’s opening weekend. Over the past year, Total Wine & More has worked with over 8,000 non-profit charitable organizations across the country, providing nearly $7 million in-cash and in-kind donations that has helped their partners raise more than $35 million for great causes.

Total Wine & More is optimistic that its new opening in Shrewsbury will help the community as a whole, bringing more than 50 jobs to the area as well as great offerings for customers including affordability and an unparalleled selection and expertise about beer and wine to Central Massachusetts.

Total Wine & More currently has stores in Natick, Everett, and Shrewsbury, in addition to over 170 stores nationwide.

Cramer Unveils “Motion Studios” as Video Becomes Essential to B2B Marketing

As the popularity of online video rises,

so does its ability to drive business for brands.

Experiential marketing agency Cramer today announced the launch of “Motion Studios,” a new unit within the company that partners with clients to develop video content and build it into their marketing strategies. Cramer Motion Studios’ services span the entirety of a video program’s lifecycle, from strategic planning and creative development through production and promotion, all with a focus on driving measurable business results for clients.

“Ninety-two percent of B2B customers watch video online – that’s a number too powerful for companies to ignore,” said Scott Palmer, Creative Director at Cramer. “As B2B brands jump on the video-marketing bandwagon, they have been missing the mark on doing so effectively, because they may not know how. That’s where Motion Studios comes in. We don’t just create high-quality videos, we ensure that companies use them strategically to achieve their marketing goals.”

Cramer’s launch of Motion Studios blends the agency’s expertise in video production, content marketing, and brand experiences for B2B audiences. The Hollywood-like studio at Cramer’s Greater Boston office is designed to meet the needs of a range of clients – whether they are on an indie film budget or a blockbuster budget.

“As more companies follow their audiences into the online video landscape, it continually becomes harder to capture and keep their customers’ attention,” said Julie Walker, Partner at Cramer. “The videos and, most importantly, the brands that standout today are producing state-of-the art, story-rich videos that incorporate high production qualities into their messaging and delivery.”

In launching Motion Studios, Cramer is responding to a marketplace need as illustrated in the following recently published statistics about online video consumption for B2B consumers:

  • 92 percent of B2B customers watch videos online.
  • 70 percent of the top 100 search listings on Google are video results.
  • There is an 80 percent increase in lead conversions when video is added to a marketing landing page.

“The data proves it: video is now critically important for B2B marketers, yet many brands don’t know where to begin,” said Brent Turner, SVP of Solutions at Cramer. “Your video needs to be timely, tailored, and tuned in to your marketing goals, and most importantly, to your audience. To get there, you need the power of a studio behind you and with you every step of the way. You need Cramer Motion Studios as your trusted partner.”

Cramer’s launch of Motion Studios comes after decades of developing award-winning videos in partnership with a collection of the world’s top brands, including ADP, Caterpillar, Fidelity, Genzyme, IBM, Staples, and UnitedHealthcare.

To learn more about Motion Studios at Cramer, visit:

About Cramer

As a brand experience agency, Cramer is thriving in today’s new experiential era of marketing. The company’s fast growth has come as it has expanded its relationships with long-standing clients, while also landing a new roster of global brands, such as Caterpillar, GE, IBM, UPS, and Marriott. These clients trust Cramer to invent, craft, and fuel content-driven experiences, including meetings and events, activations, community and advocacy programs, mixed reality, and marketing campaigns. Visit to see how Cramer achieves more with its clients.

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#DemDebate: A Digital Analysis

By Senior Vice President Cosmo Macero Jr.

Cosmo Macero Jr.Hillary Clinton entered last night’s Democratic Presidential Debate riding high expectations but facing even higher stakes – with a significant portion of the political pundit class calling it a crucial and even dangerous moment for a campaign that has been unable to shake Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

But the 2 ½ hour debate at Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas took on a largely different tone than the Republican battles that had preceded it. And Clinton largely met the challenge of the night: appearing the most presidential in a crowd rounded out by one fringe political thinker and three candidates with little or no name recognition beyond the Beltway.

O’Neill and Associates used social media listening platforms to analyze conversations on over 20 different social media channels as well as trending hashtags, concepts, mentions, and perhaps most importantly – sentiment.

A targeted analysis of Hillary Clinton mentions in Massachusetts largely reflected what Clinton aides and supporters were celebrating after the candidates left the stage: the debate was, at minimum, a successfully navigated challenge and perhaps a meaningful step forward for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Her first – and largest – spike came during her introduction with 4,090 mentions, the overwhelming majority of which reflected positive sentiment. By the night’s end, analysis showed that the conversations surrounding her on social media were overwhelmingly positive.

The review of more than 8,000 social media conversations in Massachusetts, most of which took place on Twitter and Facebook, found Secretary Clinton earning either positive or neutral mentions close to 80 percent of the time throughout the duration of the CNN/Facebook-sponsored debate.

Clinton support and interest drove key social media metrics – with trending hashtags such as #imwithher and #hillary2016 appearing in hundreds of conversations originated by Massachusetts social media users. The social media landscape across the Bay State also lent support when Clinton rivals started firing political shots, such as former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee’s early remark that he has been unmarked by scandal.

But Clinton’s big win for the night came courtesy of Sanders, when he forcefully called for an end to the furor over Clinton’s use of private email when she was Secretary of State saying the American people are sick and tired of hearing about Clinton’s “damn emails,”  prompting loud applause as the two shook hands.

The remark become instant social media gold – quickly trending as a keyword and concept in New England – with upwards of three times as many mentions on social media than any other trending phrase of the night.

Ultimately, in the debate, it was Sanders who several times found himself in the position of having to play defense from rivals and debate moderator Anderson Cooper alike: on his gun policy record; for his refusal to serve in Vietnam; and over his questionable electability as a Democratic-socialist.

Throughout the debate, O’Neill and Associates also took a closer look at digital conversations in the New England states, focusing on industry building blocks and issues important to voters such as healthcare, jobs and the economy, education, energy, and immigration. Social media listening tools showed that hashtags related to Sanders were trending anywhere from double to up to seven times more than hashtags in support of Clinton – underscoring the strong support he has garnered.

The debate itself was largely received positively in New England when measured by social media engagement. Almost twice as many debate mentions were classified positive as were negative, according to the O’Neill and Associates analysis – with a large percentage categorized as neutral.

“We’ve seen, firsthand, that ‘buzz’ alone can’t take the place of strong candidates who are thoughtful, experienced and prepared,” said former Lieutenant Governor Thomas P. O’Neill III, founder and CEO of O’Neill and Associates. “We deserve a healthy, honest and substantive debate from presidential candidates who are asking for our vote, and I think the American people got that from the Democratic candidates.”

Most of the candidates occupied common ground on core Democratic issues such as income inequality, the fallout from bank mergers and the mortgage crisis, climate change, college affordability and the plight of the urban poor and minorities in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The O’Neill and Associates analysis also confirmed that social media is leveling the playing field between big media organizations and individuals, by providing a platform and the opportunity to amplify any one individual’s voice. While major regional news organizations like the Boston Globe (@bostonglobe) and Boston Herald (@bostonherald) delivered the highest influencer scores and potential reach, individuals such as Boston tech writer David Weinberger (@davidweinberger), Cambridge journalist Beena Sarwar (@beenasarwar) and Boston entrepreneur Robin Chase (@rmchase) demonstrated that heavy engagement on social media can magnify your message exponentially.

Cosmo Macero Jr. is a senior vice president in the O’Neill and Associates communications practice. Contact him:; 617-646-1017; follow him on Twitter @cosmomacero.

Facebook to Add Dislike Button

By  Tony Catinella
Account Executive at O’Neill and Associates

FB Like

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook is developing a “Dislike” button.

Zuckerberg said the feature will be created to give users the option to express feelings other than “liking,” according to Business Insider.

Facebook’s executives said they have been working on it for awhile, and it hopes to launch it soon.

Social Media Updates: Instagram Changes Video Player, Google + Adds Photo App

By  Tony Catinella
Account Executive at O’Neill and Associates


Twitter Shuts Down ISIS Accounts

Twitter suspended 2,000 accounts linked to ISIS this week.

J.M. Berger, a terrorism analyst told  ABC NEWS that 13 of the 16 major ISIS distribution accounts were among those shut down.

Twitter said the accounts were shut down because of an increase in user-generated policy violation reports.

Instagram Changes Video Features

Videos shared to Instagram now play continuously, meaning they start again from the beginning as soon as they finish and can no longer be paused, The Guardian reported.

The new changes will be popular among advertisers who can now earn a higher number of plays for any given video.

Google + Plans to Launch New Photo App

Google + will launch a photo sharing app, which will be called “Streams, Fortune reported.

It will be interesting  to see if the app will can catch on after the Google + platform has yet to measure the success of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ is a Success in First Month

Snapchat’s launch of its new feature ‘Discover,’ is seeing success in its first month.

Discover connects the messaging app’s users to news stories and other media from sources such as CNN, ESPN and Yahoo! News. Techcrunch reported the feature is responsible for driving millions of page views per day to its publishing partners.