O’Neill and Associates Announces Promotion of Hugh Drummond as Senior Vice President of Marketing

HighRes_120403_ONeill_HughDrummond-0169Hugh Drummond was promoted to senior vice president of marketing at O’Neill and Associates, taking on responsibilities for strategic marketing and communications leadership in support of short- and long-term company goals that continue to drive business expansion. Hugh first joined O’Neill and Associates’ communications division in 2007 focusing on public relations, crisis matters, and integrated campaigns for clients across all of the firm’s practice groups. He has held public relations and marketing roles in the corporate and nonprofit sectors in addition to experience in the federal government and on gubernatorial, senate, and presidential political campaigns.

Previously, Hugh was director of communications, marketing and state relations for the Massachusetts American Red Cross and a regional spokesperson on numerous Red Cross disaster relief operations. He served as senior aide to U.S. Senator Bill Bradley and led scheduling and advance for Senator Bradley’s 2000 presidential campaign. Hugh was a deputy campaign manager on Massachusetts Senator Warren Tolman’s gubernatorial campaign and held private sector public relations roles for technology companies in Silicon Valley and Seattle. Hugh lives in Winchester.

We’re excited to have Hugh lead our marketing efforts and to have his perspective and input on business development.

Forbes 30 Under 30: Does Your Brand’s Value Proposition Matter?


Christina Fish, third from right, meditates with Deepak Chopra in Boston City Hall Plaza during the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, as shown on Forbes’ Snapchat Story.

By Christina Fish

On the second morning of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, I found myself sitting on City Hall Plaza amongst scores of conference attendees, about to embark on a meditation exercise with Deepak Chopra, a world renown guru and leader in the New Age movement. Deepak invited us to dabble in the discipline of meditation by closing our eyes, and silently asking ourselves a series of questions. At first the answer to the question “Who am I?” seems fairly obvious, ‘I’m Christina; I’m from Boston…’ (cue to Dory from Finding Nemo repeating “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”…). But as Deepak probed the crowd, the intention behind questions seemed to become more complicated – we were being asked to consider what amalgamation of values, strengths, and drivers motivated our answer. Sound like the beginning of a groundbreaking discussion about business? Absolutely. Let me explain.

The 30 Under 30 Summit was an invitation to each attendee to define our core values.

Each of the speakers in the star-studded line up shared a common ability to clearly, and concisely articulate the value proposition associated with their brand. On the face of the Summit’s speaking program, it was not immediately obvious that big names such as Michael Phelps, Jessica Alba, Bobby Flay, Maria Sharapova, actors from Hamilton, and the founders of theSkimm would share much in common. However, throughout the course of their presentations, it became clear that each of these individuals have catapulted themselves towards accomplishing lofty goals by defining a set of values to guide their efforts. In other words, each featured speaker was able to not only explain the value proposition that defined their endeavor, they were also able to articulate why that value proposition should matter – to all of us.

The goal of clearly stating a set of core values stands as the most important take-away from my experience at the Summit because the ability to do so successfully spans across industry sectors to separate iconic brands from the fray. In a business climate where we are often trying to communicate across multiple platforms to a varied audience, there is an inherent and persistent challenge to not only define these core values, but also adapt them to change spurred by innovation. Therefore, I am left with several questions to share with others: What are your core values? Why do they matter to you? And why should they matter to others? What can we do to help articulate and communicate these values?

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A Look at Creative Marketing Campaigns in the Legal Industry

Creative marketing campaigns are not just for national consumer brands and presidential candidates.  Law firms are also stepping up their game and embracing the digital age with sleek integrated marketing programs that showcase their talent and demonstrate their competitive edge.

While most large law firms have sophisticated websites, social media platforms and videos, very few small- to- medium sized firms are at the same level, except Boston-based Murphy & King, P.C.  The firm is a top tier boutique law firm practicing bankruptcy and financial restructuring, business litigation and corporate and real estate transaction law which just launched a new integrated marketing campaign featuring a professionally produced video series and website (www.murphyking.com).  The firm has also created a new tag line to use on all of their multi-media marketing materials – “unraveling complexity” – that reflects how the Boston-based firm has assisted its clients in seemingly impossible and complicated cases.

The new integrated marketing campaign is the result of more than a year’s investment in time, resources and production of content that was overseen by the firm’s Marketing and Business Development Committee.  It was imperative that the firm improve its web presence and digital accessibility, hence, a new website was designed. The new responsive site uses images of puzzle pieces and graphics to depict the firm’s commitment of “unraveling complexity” for its clients to ensure that their goals are achieved. The website also has an easy-to-navigate design allowing users to explore firm information, practice areas, attorney information, news, and contact information.

The firm also decided that videos are a great way to tell a story about what they do at Murphy & King, as the attorneys are articulate, well-versed in their practice areas and passionate about their work.  The video series and website put Murphy & King at the technological forefront for mid-sized law firms in the Boston area.

We invite you to see the Murphy & King videos that offer a combination of attorney perspectives and case studies highlighting how each attorney has unraveled the complexity of a case for specific clients:

  • Tangled Cases Demand Elegant Solutions” – Attorneys Andy Lizotte and Harry Murphy explain that successful  business reorganization and restructuring requires a collaborative effort among competing constituencies describing how they helped save a biopharmaceutical company with a promising hemophilia drug;
  • Every Piece Counts” – Attorney Dan Dwyer states that in disputes one side is rarely 100% right so the goal is to identify those pieces of the puzzle where his client is right and push that to the center as he did for several wealth management professionals sued by a major investment firm, demonstrating that he takes his clients’ livelihoods seriously;
  • See the Evidence” – Attorney Dan Lyne examines the importance of visuals and storytelling to make complex issues understandable to judge and juries;
  • One Team. One Direction” – Attorney Bob Richards observes that transactions often involve multiple parties, law firms and other professionals and how, as dealmakers, he found solutions to the many complex problems involved in the successful sale of a family-owned brickyard company’s property;
  • One Thing We Do” – Attorneys Harry Murphy and Ethan Jeffery discuss the firm’s use of Chapter 11 as a bridge to a business goal, not a legal one, holding together a multi-use hotel/condominium complex in development during an economic downturn and enabling the project to finish in an improving market.

Harold B. Murphy, co-founder, shareholder and attorney said it best. “We are practical, no nonsense attorneys who get the job done. Our new website and video series allow us to showcase our deep knowledge and expertise we utilize every day for our clients, and demonstrate our ability to unravel the most complex situations in navigating our clients to success.”

Business marketing has truly taken a new turn as we are fully engulfed in the digital age. All businesses, large and small, need to pay attention and spend some time to regroup, reinvest and revamp their marketing materials to continue to have a competitive edge.

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Cramer Makes Event Marketer ‘s  2016 “It List” after a Year of Historic Growth for the Agency

Cramer saw 40 percent year-over-year growth in 2015, as the standards and demand for unique event experiences continued to grow. Read about this and more trends in a roundtable discussion between Cramer and Event Marketer.

Cramer has again landed on the prestigious ““It List” released by Event Marketer as the magazine kicks off its annual Experiential Summit in Denver. The 2016 list places Cramer among the top 100 experiential marketing agencies, surpassing hundreds of entries in this rapidly growing field.

This year’s “It List” judges raised the bar for creativity, quality and innovation, reviewing client testimonials, case studies, and awards for hundreds of entries. Event Marketer reported using some of its toughest judging standards to date and for the first time, required winners to be fully experiential in their event marketing services.

“We couldn’t be happier to have made Event Marketer’s ‘It List’ once again, and we’re proud to be in the company of so many creative leaders in this field,” said Scott Connolly, SVP at Cramer, who is attending the Denver summit. “Our team never stops pushing the envelope when it comes to creating unique, innovative experiences on behalf of our global clients, and this recognition is a testament to everyone’s commitment and imagination.”

Cramer’s forward-thinking approach to B2B events was on full display in a roundtable discussion that four of its team members conducted with Event Marketer for the magazine’s 2016 “It List” issue. Team members discussed Cramer’s strategic use of 140-foot screens and 360-degree video, challenging the way events utilize time and space, and using technology to bring ideas to life. The discussion also touched on the importance of ensuring event technology and live experiences are purpose-driven.

“Tools that create unique event experiences need to be tied to an overall message and purpose,” said Cramer’s Director of Creative Technology, Lindsay Nie. “What makes Cramer stand out is that we first find out what a client needs to achieve, and then we find – or create – whatever it takes to make that happen.”

“Audiences continually raise the bar on what they expect from live events,” said Connolly. “Cramer’s tremendous growth and standing as an It-Lister demonstrate our team’s ability to deliver imaginative ideas and results in an increasingly competitive field. Audiences demand different, unique, and memorable, and that’s where we excel.”

Read more from the Cramer Team’s roundtable discussion with Event Marketer.

See the full 2016 Event Marketer “It List”



About Cramer

As a brand experience agency, Cramer is thriving in today’s new experiential era of marketing. The company’s fast growth has come as it has expanded its relationships with long-standing clients, while also landing a new roster of global brands, such as Caterpillar, GE, IBM, UPS, and Marriott. These clients trust Cramer to invent, craft, and fuel content-driven experiences, including meetings and events, activations, community and advocacy programs, mixed reality, and marketing campaigns. Visit cramer.com to see how Cramer achieves more with its clients.

Cramer Unveils “Motion Studios” as Video Becomes Essential to B2B Marketing

As the popularity of online video rises,

so does its ability to drive business for brands.

Experiential marketing agency Cramer today announced the launch of “Motion Studios,” a new unit within the company that partners with clients to develop video content and build it into their marketing strategies. Cramer Motion Studios’ services span the entirety of a video program’s lifecycle, from strategic planning and creative development through production and promotion, all with a focus on driving measurable business results for clients.

“Ninety-two percent of B2B customers watch video online – that’s a number too powerful for companies to ignore,” said Scott Palmer, Creative Director at Cramer. “As B2B brands jump on the video-marketing bandwagon, they have been missing the mark on doing so effectively, because they may not know how. That’s where Motion Studios comes in. We don’t just create high-quality videos, we ensure that companies use them strategically to achieve their marketing goals.”

Cramer’s launch of Motion Studios blends the agency’s expertise in video production, content marketing, and brand experiences for B2B audiences. The Hollywood-like studio at Cramer’s Greater Boston office is designed to meet the needs of a range of clients – whether they are on an indie film budget or a blockbuster budget.

“As more companies follow their audiences into the online video landscape, it continually becomes harder to capture and keep their customers’ attention,” said Julie Walker, Partner at Cramer. “The videos and, most importantly, the brands that standout today are producing state-of-the art, story-rich videos that incorporate high production qualities into their messaging and delivery.”

In launching Motion Studios, Cramer is responding to a marketplace need as illustrated in the following recently published statistics about online video consumption for B2B consumers:

  • 92 percent of B2B customers watch videos online.
  • 70 percent of the top 100 search listings on Google are video results.
  • There is an 80 percent increase in lead conversions when video is added to a marketing landing page.

“The data proves it: video is now critically important for B2B marketers, yet many brands don’t know where to begin,” said Brent Turner, SVP of Solutions at Cramer. “Your video needs to be timely, tailored, and tuned in to your marketing goals, and most importantly, to your audience. To get there, you need the power of a studio behind you and with you every step of the way. You need Cramer Motion Studios as your trusted partner.”

Cramer’s launch of Motion Studios comes after decades of developing award-winning videos in partnership with a collection of the world’s top brands, including ADP, Caterpillar, Fidelity, Genzyme, IBM, Staples, and UnitedHealthcare.

To learn more about Motion Studios at Cramer, visit: cramer.com/motionstudios

About Cramer

As a brand experience agency, Cramer is thriving in today’s new experiential era of marketing. The company’s fast growth has come as it has expanded its relationships with long-standing clients, while also landing a new roster of global brands, such as Caterpillar, GE, IBM, UPS, and Marriott. These clients trust Cramer to invent, craft, and fuel content-driven experiences, including meetings and events, activations, community and advocacy programs, mixed reality, and marketing campaigns. Visit cramer.com to see how Cramer achieves more with its clients.

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